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President's Club at The University of West Florida

antique cannon in front of the president's club at timeless tanglewood

The President’s Club is a waterfront home and estate gifted to the University of West Florida by attorney and community advocate Fred Levin. The home and its contents, including works of art and collector’s items, are valued at more than $8 million – the largest gift by a living donor in the University’s history.

Known as Timeless Tanglewood, the home provides enriching learning experiences for students, while serving as a venue for meetings and events that support the University’s mission. The property also plays host to visiting dignitaries and scholars from around the world for the enhancement of UWF academic programs.

"Every gift we receive helps us provide students with access to high-quality, relevant educational opportunities. But every once in a while, a gift like this one from Fred Levin comes along that has the ability to transform what we do."

UWF President Martha D. Saunders
renault automobile parked inside the president's club

About the President’s Club

Located on Pensacola’s Bayou Texar, Timeless Tanglewood was designed with a European influence marked by contemporary flair. The the 7,500 sq. ft. home boasts a bar area in the style of the RMS Titanic, including a 1912 Renault automobile whose sister car now lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Distinctive commissioned artworks, including pieces by local artist Jeff Bass and bronze sculptures by Michael Boles, remain with the property, as well as wood paneling and a 21-foot dining room table by master craftsman Vic Cormier, custom-made European Chinaware, and antique Victorian Tiffany silver. The three-bedroom home features many original historical artifacts on display. The surrounding grounds are also impressive, showcasing seven different landscape design styles and a collection of award winning camellias, including a special hybrid named in memory of Mr. Levin’s late wife, Marilyn, who passed away in 2011.

Banner photo credit: Larry Marchant