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Rev. LuTimothy May

Senior Pastor, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church | Executive Director, Dixon School of the Arts

Rev. LuTimothy May has been associated with UWF as a student, an employee and a Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, and he previously served on the UWF Board of Trustees.

How did you decide to become a minister?

Before I became a senior pastor, I first recognized a calling to youth ministry. It was in 1998 when I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1999, I moved back to Pensacola to bring a children’s church and youth program to our church. My father was the senior pastor and he trusted me to use my gifts to reach young people. My mother was a strong advocate for me as well.

Of the many leadership roles you’ve held in Pensacola, what causes are most important to you?

I’m the proud father of two children, and I’ve felt most valued serving organizations that help youth. Of the 22 boards I’ve served on, Gulf Coast Kid’s House is the one experience that has been the most emotional, just to see the need for advocacy for abused and neglected children. I’m in the process of working with UWF to develop a youth swim program for children who have not had access to lessons. There is a real need given the number of drownings in Florida.

What did you appreciate most about your time as a UWF student?

Dr. Barry Arnold and Dr. Paula Rappe found a way to tap into the passion I had for ministry. The interdisciplinary degree track they designed was foundational to my schooling in pastoral care. Dr. Arnold played a pivotal role and helped the trajectory of my life. I may not have attended seminary without his support and belief in me.