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Erik Medley

Owner, Medley Sports Construction

Medley’s firm won the contract to build the UWF turf football field.

As a student at UWF, you majored in math. How does that connect with your business today?

As a sports construction contractor, I use math every day, from creating estimates and accounting to job site elevations and measurements. My UWF degree has helped me excel tremendously in what I do today.

How is UWF both the same and different since you graduated?

As a student, I took full advantage of the beautiful UWF grounds. I really enjoy the outdoors and would go hiking and biking around campus. The fishing in Pensacola isn’t bad either! These are all things students still enjoy today. The University certainly has grown since my graduation,and we are very proud to be part of a big milestone for UWF.

How did it feel to work on your University’s new football field?

Being a fellow Argo, this project was constructed with not only the best quality, but with a passion for UWF and the new football program.