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Devin Collier

The Honorable Devin Collier

Judge in the 14th Judicial Circuit of Florida

Devin Collier earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of West Florida. Following UWF, he attended Florida A&M University College of Law where he graduated with his juris doctorate, cum laude. His work experience in the legal field includes serving as the lead attorney-advisor in the Office of the Solicitor in the U.S. Interior Department, an attorney at the law firm of Barron and Redding, P.A., opening his own private law firm and working at the Public Defender’s Office in the 2nd Judicial Circuit as an Appellate Counsel. He served as an assistant state attorney in the 14th Judicial Circuit before being appointed to the bench.

How did UWF prepare you for such a successful career?

For me, UWF was an intellectual outlet. I was introduced to writings and books that made key differences in my career. More importantly, at UWF, I learned the importance of thinking empirically (that data and evidence were necessary to support what I thought I knew); reputational integrity; and respect for diversity of thought.

Can you share any advice for UWF students wishing to follow the same career path?

Be. Do. Serve. Be who you are, irrespective of whether you’re popularly accepted. Set high standards and do the work necessary to reach those goals. And always seek opportunities to serve others.

Do you have a standout memory from UWF?

I worked part-time at the Argo Grill. I still recall those stragglers, one of whom shall remain nameless, who would arrive at the grill minutes before close looking for the “hook up.” For the record, I never obliged.