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Matthew Novak

President, Mease Countryside Hospital and Mease Dunedin Hospital

For 15 years, Matthew Novak has diligently served the BayCare Health System in a wide range of leadership roles. In 2018, he was named president of Mease Countryside Hospital and Mease Dunedin Hospital, where he continues to steer the hospital's helm toward bigger and brighter goals.

In what way does your role as president of Mease Countryside Hospital and Mease Dunedin Hospital differ from other positions you’ve held in the past?

Working my way through BayCare in a variety of leadership roles, each position was completely different from the next. This role is different because there’s a lot more autonomy and with that, more accountability, which you have to be comfortable with and prepared for.

What’s one perk and one drawback of working with a new hospital?

It’s interesting because I went from the oldest hospital, at 101 years old, to the newest hospital in the BayCare Health System. It’s not often new hospitals are built, so having the opportunity to shape a hospital strategy and future from infancy is something special. We’re doing exceptionally well, but I have to remember to temper expectations because we’re still expanding and don’t have all resources that come with the maturity of an older hospital.

How did UWF prepare you for your future career?

UWF really built a foundation for me. It gave me baseline knowledge, confidence and experience in my field. It opened doors for me through my internship with Baptist Hospital. Dr. Martha Saunders was also a huge influence.