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Lumon May

Co-owner, May Construction | Escambia County District 3 County Commissioner

Following the model set by his parents, Lumon May has dedicated himself to bettering the lives of others, helping local youth and neighborhoods in need, through his work as Escambia County District 3 County Commissioner and co-owner of May Construction.

Although I can never repay my mentors, what I can do and try to do every day is mentor, sponsor, raise money for, or start a program for our youth in the hopes that one day they will give back, too.

How do you carry on your father’s legacy?

My father lived by two mottos: rebuilding souls and people, and rebuilding buildings. When he passed, it was important to carry on the family business. I still use the skills that my dad taught me in the field. He also taught me to give back to the community, and that’s what I continue to do.

Why is giving back to the community important to you?

It’s really a long answer, but I contribute a great deal of it to how my parents raised me. We were involved in church and our neighborhood. When I told my dad I wanted to help kids in third world countries, he said to remember where I grew up. Since then it has been a way of life, I don’t know what else to do but positively influence young people in our community.

In what ways did UWF prepare you for your path in politics and beyond?

The University prepared me for leadership by teaching me about politics, compromise and understanding. I was successful because I had mentors who believed in me and challenged me to think about the future.