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Jim David

Owner and Photographer, Jim David Photography

Adventure/outdoors commercial photographer and Emmy-winning cinematographer Jim David owns and operates Jim David Photography, along with his wife, Susan.

Describe the dynamic between you and Susan as business partners and co-workers.

It’s a great partnership because we approach things differently. Susan brings a voice to my ideas, makes details come to life and handles the business side, while I can focus on shooting and “big idea” concepts. She thought of submitting my film for the Emmy, our first commercial piece for a video project. She’s always looking out for things I might not have considered.

When did your pursuit of photography lead to cinematography?

For me, the interest was always there. I love both still photography and videography and I view them similarly. I consider myself a storyteller. In still, when composing and using lighting, the challenge is to create an interesting photo that people will want to look at because there are no moving parts. When you use video, you can tell the story differently because you have additional elements to work with, like motion and sound.

What were your thoughts after revisiting UWF in 2016?

It was really fun to go back and see a blend of the old with the new. The nature trails were still there, which I always loved. I was blown away by the University’s growth, new buildings and a football team.