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gary delgado

Gary Delgado

Program Manager, SAIC, USCENTCOM and COPE Certified Health Coach

Gary Delgado dedicated 21 years to the United States Marine Corps. He earned a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary social sciences from the University of West Florida before completing a master’s degree in human resources development and public administration from Webster University and a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College. He now supports the Department of Defense as a contractor at the U.S. Central Command J6 Directorate as the task lead for Technology Innovation, in addition to co-owning Design Your Healthy Lifestyle.

How did you choose UWF, and how has your degree helped you in your career?

I was at a junior college in Georgia and wanted to attend a four-year college when I was recruited to play soccer at UWF. The different courses I took when working toward my bachelor’s degree helped give me different skill sets that I use today as a certified health coach. I never pictured myself doing this but because of my degree, I have really excelled at it.

What made you choose to join the Marine Corps after graduating?

I’m a first generation Columbian American. Seeing the opportunities that this country provided my parents, I felt obligated to give something back to my country. I’ve always been an active person and played soccer throughout college, so I knew I wanted to do something both physically and mentally demanding after I graduated. In the Marine Corps, I worked in information technology, completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. In my current role now with the DOD, I seek out emerging IT and cybersecurity technology to employ at the command. I have been very impressed by UWF’s cutting-edge programs that are leading the stakes on cybersecurity.

Can you tell us about your current family business?

In 2013, upon retiring from the Marine Corps, my wife, Christa, and I started Design Your Healthy Lifestyle as COPE certified health coaches. We work with clients, providing coaching and assistance in achieving a myriad of health goals, from fitness and weight loss to increased energy and improved sleep. We support clients on creating healthy habits and an overall healthy lifestyle. We partner with clients all over the country through technology like Skype, Zoom, text, phone calls and even in person. We love helping people achieve their health goals and dreams through our business.