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Dr. Mona Amodeo

Founder and President, idgroup | National Speaker on Branding and Innovation

UWF is a place where people begin to make their dreams come true. It’s a bridge and a path. For me, it was an unbelievable resource that really fueled who I am today and what I’m doing.

Why did you choose UWF?

I came to UWF in search of something. It was a time of growth and excitement, with the documentary program just being launched. I ran the Nautilus News as a graduate assistant, and traveled to film in Central and South America. When you think of Pensacola, these aren’t the kinds of opportunities you might expect. UWF offered an opportunity right here in my backyard that was as good or better than anything I could have gotten anywhere else.

Your company helps organizations tell their stories. How did you find your calling?

Traveling with the documentary team and later becoming an instructor at UWF probably set the stage for my work at idgroup. All the skills and experiences I gained here were foundational in our success. I don’t know if I ever thought of myself as a storyteller before UWF. It opened my eyes to my own talents and gave me the courage to go try something—like start a business, which I did with my last paycheck from the University.

Share why giving back is so important to you.

When we founded idgroup, we wanted to do great creative work and have fun. That’s still our core. We evolved because we saw a need in the marketplace not only to tell the story, but to help companies live their stories. We believe businesses can make a difference in the world. What we do and how we do it has an impact. We try very hard to make sure that impact is positive.

What does UWF mean to Pensacola?

I think we’ve grown with Pensacola. We have worked with UWF over the years to help position it, and I hope we have contributed to what it is today. Sometimes, when you look in your own backyard, you don’t realize what you’ve got. I think the University and its presence are a huge factor in why Pensacola has been able to propel. It’s an important engine.