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Brian and Kimberly Pennington

In 2015, the Penningtons established The Brian and Kim Pennington Accounting Scholarship Endowment and Professional Readiness Initiatives to enhance student learning opportunities.

You both attended UWF for your Master in Accountancy degrees. Why did you want to support UWF?

[BP] We have supported higher education since 1991. Too often, I have seen students who plan to attend college but are unable to do so; the passion and desire is there, but the financial requirements to make it happen are not. Our gift gives students the opportunity to pursue higher education and learn real-world skills and expectations of employers before they get into the professional world.

What skills will students learn through the Professional Readiness Initiatives?

[KP] Students will have the chance to combine critical thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership skills with their classroom work to solve more comprehensive, often unstructured, problems. If students are able to gain experience while obtaining a degree, they will already have a step up in the workplace.

How does UWF uniquely prepare students for careers in business?

[KP] The size of UWF truly benefits the students because of the personalized programs and practices. At UWF, students get these preparation activities in addition to an excellent degree.