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K.C. Clark

Senior Vice President, Energy Equity Capital Markets at Raymond James and Associates

Anyone who’s been a student at UWF will tell you the same thing: you’re a name and not a number there. It held true for me and part of what I appreciate about UWF is how it recognizes the value in every student.

Describe your role as senior vice president at Raymond James and Associates.

I work in equity capital markets, essentially helping companies that are public, or want to be public, sell stock. I’m the interface between the company who wants to issue stock and the investors who buy it.

How does your background in accounting benefit you in your current position?

I have to understand the financial position of the companies trying to issue stock and I have to be able to respond to any of the investor’s financial questions. Accounting taught me about being able to clearly understand and interpret financial statements, which is pretty critical in my job.

You have served on every single board at UWF. What motivated you to get involved in so many?

After graduating and getting a good job, I realized it was because of high-quality education and faculty who cared about their students. My time at UWF was a unique experience that I wanted other people to appreciate and enjoy. When I find something I believe in, I’m willing to work for it and offer whatever I can, and being part of the boards at UWF was one of the ways I felt I could offer some assistance.