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Jill Tummler Singer

Vice President for National Security, AT&T Government

What led you to a career in IT?

When I started college, computer science was very new, and I took an introductory class as an elective. I received an excellent grade, so I took another class, then another, and I realized this was something I could do. Before I knew it, my major at UWF was declared.

How did you get your start in the field?

My education at UWF opened the door to many valuable career opportunities. As a student, I worked in a co-op with IBM and quickly learned the fundamentals of work success. I applied to the CIA in my first semester of graduate school. The top-secret security clearance processing took so long that I was able to complete my master’s degree from UWF before joining the CIA as an applications programmer.

Tell us about the impact mentoring has had on your career.

I’m passionate about seeking mentoring for myself and for the next generation’s workforce. In 2010, I was honored to be named the CIA’s Manager Mentor of the Year. Mentoring and reverse-mentoring have improved my collaboration, built a larger professional network, and given me necessary skills for success, especially working in an area that is mainly a male-dominated profession.