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Antoinette McCorvey

Antoinette “Ann” McCorvey

Chief Financial Officer, Davidson College

McCorvey, a first-generation college student raised on a farm in the Florida panhandle, is an experienced finance executive. After earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and an MBA from UWF, she worked her way to executive roles at Monsanto/Solutia, Eastman Kodak, George Washington University and presently, Davidson College.

How have the skills you learned working on a farm in your youth transcended to your current environment as CFO of Davidson College?

Farmers are required to be very entrepreneurial. That entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunity to see cash management up-close and personal gave me the basic skills needed for finance management in my youth.

You are a first-generation college student. What does this accomplishment and UWF mean to you?

As the youngest of nine children, I had role models in my brothers and sisters who had already achieved graduate and undergraduate degrees. My parents encouraged and supported our higher-education journeys.

What achievements are you most proud of in your career thus far?

I am most proud that I am able to progressively learn and apply the skills I learned at the University of West Florida. The teamwork-type of education I received translates to real-life experiences.

What advice would you give to UWF students?

Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you, whether it be internships or cooperative education. The hands-on learning will provide you with experiences to make you career-ready.