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Robert “Sandy” Sansing

Owner, Sandy Sansing Dealerships

Local philanthropist and businessman Sandy Sansing is perhaps best known as owner of Sandy Sansing Dealerships. He received UWF’s first golf scholarship and earned a place in UWF Athletics Hall of Fame for his golf achievements.

How did your background in accounting and sales and managing Digital Systems of Florida benefit you when starting up your car dealership?

In my story, each chapter of my life was built on my past experiences. In the car business, I became a full-time manager which required the critical skills that I had gained in my prior jobs and roles. The combination of my management, accounting and sales experiences were all necessary for me to begin a new enterprise like the car business.

Why is giving back, especially in the form of college scholarships, important to you?

In the area of scholarships, I truly realize and appreciate the value of education. I know that I have been unbelievably blessed and want to pass that same blessing on to others. Education opens doors and allows young people the opportunity to get good jobs. They are able to create their own opportunities to support their families and ultimately achieve their goals and dreams.

In what ways do you stay involved in golf today?

I continue to play golf several times a week. I’m glad that my father introduced me at an early age, and I had the pleasure of introducing my son to golf. My grandsons are beginning to play and I enjoy watching them improve.