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The nautilus is evolving. So are we.

Since the University of West Florida’s founding, the Nautilus Shell has been the institution’s official emblem. Today, the nautilus re-emerges as a reminder to keep striving and pushing for greatness. Its meaning has evolved into an icon that represents the history and soul of our rich and storied past—and a future brimming with possibility and potential. Today, it stands as a symbol of evolution and the power each of us has to impact the community and the world.

The return of an icon.

You are part of UWF’s story. Help us tell the world.
Nominate alumni, classmates, faculty and colleagues making a difference.

At UWF, our students, professors and community members are changing the world by enriching their communities in ways tiny to tremendous. We want to hear your stories of impact and evolution and how our spirited community of big thinkers are impacting the lives of others.

Share your Impact Story

Share with us a story of how you or someone you know is making an impact. Your submission or nomination may be chosen for a national campaign featuring stories of individuals who are changing the world.

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