Dr. Kevin Krieger

Dr. Kevin Krieger


Dr. Kevin Krieger teaches courses on Financial Management, Investments, and Financial Institutions.

His research examines ways in which financial markets are efficient and inefficient at incorporating information.  

Areas include sports betting; investment pricing anomalies; derivative pricing and volatility; relationship of stock and option markets; dividend policy; household investing and finance pedagogy.

Krieger, an Associate Professor of Finance, received his Ph.D. in Finance from Florida State University in 2009.

His work has been published in leading publications such as Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, Journal of Financial Research, and Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance.

Krieger has specifically emphasized how price changes are incorporated in the equities and options market relative to one another.

He and colleagues also have researched aspects of gambling on sports. Titles include “Does jet lag create a profitable opportunity for NFL bettors?” (The Journal of Gambling, Business and Economics); “The case of line movements in college basketball” (Journal of Economics and Business); and “Informational differences in NFL point spread and money line markets” (Journal of Prediction Markets).

Krieger’s works in progress include an examination of the Congressional calendar and market volatility, and a study of improved predictability of future cash flows.

His performance was so outstanding that Krieger won two major awards from the College of Business in 2016. He was one of two faculty members chosen for the Dyson Awards for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Activity and one of three chosen for the Dyson Awards for Excellence in Service.