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CEPS Advising

Welcome to the College of Education and Professional Studies Advising Center. This center is the one-stop location for all CEPS advising needs. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their academic goals.

Welcome to CEPS Advising

The CEPS Advising Center assists all CEPS students with course selection, registration and degree planning. We strongly recommend our students to have on-going communication and meetings with an advisor to ensure all of our students are on the right track toward their degree.  Our advisors provide students with the opportunity to discuss academic programs, career objectives, scholarship and internship possibilities, and other topics vital to overall academic development.

Charting Your Course: Graduate in Four Years

The Four Year Navigation Charts for Student Success were developed by the Collge of Education and Professional Studies at UWF. The navigation charts examine available student resources and opportunities for engagement offered by the College and University. Below you will find a PDF with a timeline and available resources for each one of your years at UWF.

Reach the Shore in 4

Navigating to the shore in four is within site! Keep in mind that you are required to complete 9 credits during the summer at a state university. This is a wonderful opportunity to study abroad, complete an internship, or engage in other hands-on learning opportunities offered at the University of West Florida.

Ask your academic advisor, near peer, or faculty mentor for tips on getting involved, and remember to prorate your financial aid for three semesters.

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Freshmen: Anchor In

First year? View the Freshmen Navigation Chart to reach the shore in 4.

Freshmen Navigation PDF
Looking Glass Image

Sophomore: Explore

Begin to explore your sophomore year. View the Sophomore Navigation Chart for resources and timeline.

Sophomore Navigation PDF
wave image

Junior: Make Waves

Juniors make waves. View the Junior Navigation Chart to stay on track to graduate.

Junior Navigation PDF
Sailboat Image

Senior: Set Sail

You're a senior. View the Senior Navigation Chart, and get ready to set sail!

Senior Navigation PDF


See the list of our advisors and the majors they are responsible for.

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Dates & Deadlines

Access the Academic Calendar and view proposed planning dates for future semesters.

Dates & Deadlines