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Maintenance Work Orders


Submit a Work Order

Maintenance Work Order Quick Tips 

  • If you are experiencing a water emergency or something that will cause building or property damage, immediately contact your Resident Assistant, Hall Director, Area Office via the front desk or on-call number for your building.
  • Only put one issue per work order. Multiple requests on one work order will be declined.
  • If you have lost your key, you must go to your Area Office or Resident Assistant in person to report it.
  • Please check student email or registered university email regularly as someone might contact you for more information.

How to submit a Work Order:

1. Log in to
2. Search "Housing".
3. Click Housing Contracts and Services.
4. Scroll to Housing Maintenance Work Order and click Submit.
5. Select your Booking.
6. Select the Living Area that needs work done.
7. Enter a description of the problem and select the Request Type from the dropdown menu.
          Please be very detailed.
8. Click Finish.