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Meet Our Staff

Housing and Residence Life Staff Directory
Leigh Prouty Director of Housing and Residence Life 850.474.2463
Residence Life Staff
Matthew Wagner Assistant Director, Residence Life 850.474.2463
Nicole Smith Residence Life Coordinator: Heritage Hall, Presidents Hall 850.473.7264
Becki Tankson-Artis Residence Life Coordinator: Argo Hall, Martin Hall, Pace Hall 850.473.7319
Nicole Rawls Residence Life Coordinator: Village East and Village West 850.473.7740
Administration Staff 
Jennifer Nagim Assistant Director, Housing Administration 850.474.2463
Sheena Reimer Program Specialist 850.474.2463
Linda Hall Customer Service Specialist 850.474.2463
Finance & Facilities Staff
Dan Motherway Assistant Director, Finance & Facilities 850.474.2463
Shelby Womack Business Coordinator 850.474.2463
Howard Hesse Superintendent, Housing Facilities 850.857.6201
Will Taft Maintenance Supervisor/Receiving Manager, Housing Facilities 850.857.6201