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Online Coursework

Teacher studying school books in class with high school kids

The TeacherReady® curriculum was designed for teachers by teachers to provide the techniques and tools that have led them to become top performers in their practice. Each lesson was designed to build specific skills and methods to help you be an effective teacher.

Master the Classroom with TeacherReady

The best teachers don’t measure success on how well they have taught. The victory is in how well their students have learned. Students flourish in engaging environments where they feel successful. The true craft of a master teacher is in capturing the mind of each student while simultaneously managing the classroom environment. We are here to make you a master of that craft. 

Through our online curriculum, we will help you:

  • Learn to manage classroom behavior
  • Communicate at all levels (with students, parents, and school administrators)
  • Help your struggling students master a concept without losing the interest of your other students
  • Create targeted learning plans that meet your school’s and state’s standards
  • Measure the right things at the right time so that you can adjust your learning plans and show your students’ progress
  • Learn and implement evidence-based instructional and intervention strategies rooted in the science of reading and receive your Florida Reading Endorsement included in your TeacherReady coursework

TeacherReady Program Curriculum

Teacher in class with students hands raised

Foundation Courses

Fundamentals of Teaching

Approx. 4 weeks per course


  1. Professional Fundamentals
  2. Workplace Culture Fundamentals
  3. Effective Frameworks of Teaching
  4. Classroom Management Basics
Teacher working with students at classroom board

Intensive Lessons

TeacherReady Intensives

Approx. 4 weeks per lesson


  1. Managing and Engaging Students to Learn
  2. Alignment of Learning Targets and Standards
  3. Learning Tasks and Feedback Strategies
  4. Aligning Summative Assessment Tools
  5. Engaging Students in Special Populations
  6. Engaging Students in Reading
  7. Applying Five Components of Reading
  8. Culminating Field Experience

State Certification Transfer Information

UWF cannot confirm whether a particular University of West Florida program meets requirements for professional licensure or certification outside of the State of Florida. However, many previous TeacherReady students have successfully transferred their Florida Certificate as a result of the Program and their resulting Florida Certificate meeting their respective state’s transfer requirements. To learn about license transfer requirements in your state, you should connect with your State Department of Education. You may also connect with TeacherReady Program admissions.

ADA Compliance

If you have a disability that impacts your full participation in this course, please contact Student Accessibility Resources at 850.474.2387 or by email at

Credentials and Accreditation

TeacherReady® is an online teacher certification program for college graduates who don’t have an education degree. The program is a Florida State approved Educator Preparation Institute. As a part of the School of Education at the University of West Florida, TeacherReady is accredited through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).