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Best of Teaching Tips

A collection of 80 of the best teaching tips from 2006-2016 categorized and presented in an easily readable PDF format.

Best of Teaching Tips (2006-2016)

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Best of Teaching Tips (2006-2016) PDF Download

CUTLA's teaching tips began in 2006 a weekly tip sent through campus group mail once a week to provide faculty with helpful tips about teaching. The ideal tips offer small changes that can easily be adopted without extensive effort. These tips are based around peer-reviewed scholarship on teaching and learning, memory and cognition. The tips offered in the weekly CUTLA emails were written with the intent of helping reap large benefits from small changes in the classroom. 

The teaching tip archive has accumulated almost 300 messages over the years, but the Best of Teaching Tips document takes the top 80 of these and presents them in an easily readable and searchable format. Each chapter categorizes tips based on their respective topics to assist in finding information that can assist in achieving specific teaching goals. 

Teaching Tips Archive

An archive of CUTLA teaching, learning, and assessment tips.

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