Mission and Vision

To respond to the changing role of case management in higher education, the University of West Florida has put in place a means to effectively address concerns and a process by which problems can be solved or addressed. The case management director serves as a centralized point of response and contact for students and the campus community.

Mission and Vision

The Office of Student Case Management Services is designed to respond to student issues and concerns both inside the classroom and beyond. Each student’s case differs and can range from a simple email to instructors to inform them of a student’s illness to interventions that are far more severe.

The goal of the Office of Student Case Management Services is to help retain the student by providing relevant guidance on various issues. Among the most critical functions of case management at UWF are identifying campus and community resources; analyzing students’ concerns and recommending appropriate solutions and course (s) of action; understating and communicating concerns and determining possible outcomes. The case management director works in collaboration with various offices on campus to address student needs including academic affairs, Psychological and Counseling Services, Admissions, Housing and Residence Life, the Office of the Registrar and faculty and staff.

At The University of West Florida, the Director of Case Management Services:

  • Serves as the initial point of contact for the campus
  • Facilitates discussions with professors and students
  • Helps educate the campus community about vulnerable populations and cultural diversity
  • Understands and clearly communicates what is happening and what is possible
  • Develops a plan to assist the total community to work together toward a shared goal
  • Contacts the student to schedule face-to-face interview
  • Meets/speaks with faculty, staff and or legal counsel as needed for clarification, to obtain feedback, and to determine whether other concerns have existed prior to the current concern 
  • Assesses what the student’s concerns are and what resolution the student wants
  • Provides summary report of meeting to stakeholders
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