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To send an ArgoGram, fill out the form below.  Then click on the “Send my ArgoGram” icon at the bottom of the form.

You must complete all of the following sections except the section for your name. Leave the section for your name blank if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Your name (optional)
First and last name of the instructor you wish to thank.
First Name
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Course number and name
Semester and year when you were enrolled in the course.
Semester Year
Why did you take this course?
Why did you choose this instructor?


  • The course was required for your major.
  • You were interested in the topic.
  • The scheduled class time fit your schedule.
  • The instructor was recommended by other students, an academic advisor, or another professor.

What  would you like to tell this instructor in your thank you note?
Explain how this person made a difference for your experience as a student at UWF. Why do you want to say Thank You to this person? Did you learn a lot in this course? Have you discovered new skills or interests?

How did you learn about ArgoGram?

When you are finished with your message, click on the “Send my ArgoGram” icon at the bottom of this form. A letter will be sent to the instructor.

Important: Teachers will receive all letters only after the current semester's grades have been submitted.






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