Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences students will find excellent opportunities to explore contemporary environmental issues and participate in scientific research with departmental faculty; whether in excellent facilities or in the current Gulf Coast environmental field laboratories.

A Glance at the Program

  • Consists of a multidisciplinary approach that combines natural science and research management
  • Students learn to analyze physical and socio-economic environments and to reach decisions concerning environmental use and management
  • Offers a core curriculum that is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the earth and environmental sciences, as well as in the modern methods and techniques used by scientists and environmental professionals 
  • Techniques include cartography, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), spatial statistics, and environmental sampling and surveying 
  • Classes generally host 25-35 students, while labs consist of 15-20 students.

Department News

Check out the list of awards presented this past week to our faculty and students!

Mitchell McMillan - Outstanding Master's Thesis

Peter Tereszkiewicz - Outstanding Research Assistant

David Hunter - Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Emily Harris - Excellence in Service

Chasidy Hobbs - Experiential Learning Faculty Member/Advisor of the Year

Dr. Jason Ortegren - Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring

Elizabeth Evans - Outstanding EES Undergraduate Student

Catherine "Kitty" Bronson - Outstanding Oceanography Undergraduate Student

Tyler Mitchell

Research Spotlight

The National Conference for Undergraduate Research is perhaps the most prestigious, and certainly the largest, undergraduate research conference and is organized/sponsored by the Council for Undergraduate Research. Roughly 4000 undergraduate students came together at the University of Memphis to celebrate undergraduate research and present their projects from fields ranging from arts and theater to nursing to environmental science! EES had 4 departmental research students presenting:

KJ Ayres

The Construction and Production of an Operational and Reliable Marine Sciences Sensor Array (MSSA) Based on Open Source Hardware (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Asmuth)

Ty Briggs

Calculating Aeolian Sediment Dynamics Relative to Varying Concentrations of Gravel Lag (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Phillip Schmutz)

Shawnee Doling-tye

Algae to Fuel: Initiating a Green Fuel Project to Create Coal from Local Marine Algae (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Schwartz)

Tyler Mitchell (pictured to the right, received the GeoCUR Award for Excellence in Student Research in the Geosciences at NCUR.)

Ocean-Atmosphere Influences on U.S. Tornado Variability (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jason Ortegren)

Additionally, 5 FTIC Honors students began working with Chasidy Fisher Hobbs in the fall 2017 Intro to Environmental Science course and continued through the Spring semester to culminate with an NCUR presentation as Freshmen. Those students were:

Elisabeth Urbaez, Elizabeth Barrett, Jay Ayer, Samantha Ellis, Shelby Corbitt