Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences students will find excellent opportunities to explore contemporary environmental issues and participate in scientific research with departmental faculty; whether in excellent facilities or in the current Gulf Coast environmental field laboratories.

A Glance at the Program

  • Consists of a multidisciplinary approach that combines natural science and research management
  • Students learn to analyze physical and socio-economic environments and to reach decisions concerning environmental use and management
  • Offers a core curriculum that is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the earth and environmental sciences, as well as in the modern methods and techniques used by scientists and environmental professionals 
  • Techniques include cartography, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), spatial statistics, and environmental sampling and surveying 
  • Classes generally host 25-35 students, while labs consist of 15-20 students.

Earth and Environmental Sciences News

Department News

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences is pleased to announce the names of those students who completed all degree requirements during the 2016-17 academic year, thus earning their UWF degrees as noted below.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Austin Adkison - Kirsten Ayres - Steven Brighton - Rachael Greller - Jennifer Guilmette - Melanie Jenkins - Brendan Kelly - Shane Langseth - Haley Matherly - Sarah Mosley - Matthew Posner - Joshua Richards - Adam Roberts - Carla Robles - Mitchell Sangprawej - Faith Scafe - Elizabeth Seavoy - Elizabeth Evans - Julia Huyett - Sabrina Straus - Jenna Throckmorton - Jeshua Yancey

Bachelor of Science in Oceanography

Alexis Figueroa - Karly Harding - Michael Housh - Ashlee Parr - Theresa Daniels - Sara Maehr

Master of Science in Environmental Science

Michael Fazio - Garett Griffin - Nathan McKinney - Ryan Parson - Taylor Seamon - Talia Smith - Peter Tereszkiewicz

Master of Science in GIS Administration

Ray Eslinger - Stuart Fricke

Research Spotlight

The Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) that promotes intensive research in the college’s  STEM fields. This program provides a summer stipend that funds students to spend ~20 hours per week on a research project under faculty mentorship.

Several students from the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences have participated and conducted research within this program. Several of those students have gone on to present their research at several conferences within the US, and have been awarded graduate assistantships and positions for Master’s programs around the country.

2016 EES SURP Participants (mentor)
Edward Stamborski (Liebens)
Shawnee Doling-Tye (Schwartz)
Tyler Mitchell (Ortegren)
Tynon Briggs (Schmutz)

2017 EES SURP Participants (mentor)
Michael Hopko (Liebens)
Amber Huggins (Schmutz/Schwartz)
Ridley Lancaster (Hu/Morgan)
Lexi Nelson (Schmutz)
Son Truong (Schwartz)
Jared White (Ortegren)


Congratulations to our students for their exceptional work last summer. While the application process for SURP 2017 has closed, be on the lookout for more information regarding SURP 2018! For more information, please contact EES faculty or email the Office of Undergraduate Research at