Mike Huggins Portrait

Dr. Michael Huggins

  • Position:  Professor, Dean of Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering
  • Department:  Chemistry
  • Office Location:  Building 4, Room 426
  • mhuggins@uwf.edu
  • Campus: 8504742741


Dr. Michael Huggins, Dean of the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering, has received several awards and fellowships over the course of his career, including the 2013 University Faculty Distinguished Service Award and the 2004 College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award. He has been awarded grants and contracts totaling more than $1 million and has been published in multiple books and professional journals. While at UWF, Dr. Huggins has led a large research group with more than 75 undergraduate students having worked in his lab.

Many of these students have been co-authors on peer-reviewed publications and have presented their work at national and international chemistry conferences. As a member of the faculty, Dr. Huggins has taught courses in organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, organic synthesis, structure elucidation and spectroscopy. His scholarship and research has centered on the synthesis of organic molecules for uses in molecular recognition, supramolecular chemistry and drug discovery. In addition, Dr. Huggins has worked on industrial contracts with numerous chemical companies in the Pensacola area and beyond.

Degrees & Institutions:

Post Doctoral Research, University of Texas at Austin, 2000-2002
Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno, 2000
B.S., University of West Florida, 1996


  • Study of weak interactions (hydrogen bonding, p-p stacking, etc) in small molecule model systems in solution and the solid state as a method to control molecular recognition events.
  • Preparation and study of oligopyrrole-based anion receptors for use as chemosensors.
  • Synthesis of pyridine N-oxides for the study of weak hydrogen bonds involving C-H groups
  • Synthesis and characterization of dipyrrinone analogs for studies in hydrogen bonding and coordination chemistry
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Classes Taught:

    • Organic Chemistry I and Lab
    • Organic Chemistry II and Lab
    • Advanced Laboratory Techniques
    • Organic Chemistry III
    • Special Topics in Advanced Chemistry
    • Undergraduate Research Chemistry