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One of the most unique assets of the University of West Florida is its surrounding marine environment. A significant number of students come to UWF not just to enjoy the nearby sugar-white beaches, but also to study the dynamic cultural and natural resources of the maritime environment.

In addition, The University of West Florida is one of only a few institutions in the U.S. that offers a degree in Marine Biology at the undergraduate level. Ideally located to study the marine environment, the main campus includes 300 acres of estuarine marshes and wetlands with an additional 150 acres located on Santa Rosa Island on the Gulf of Mexico which contains beach dune, salt marsh, tidal flat, and sea grass ecosystems.

Biology Spring 2016 Newsletter
Download the Biology Newsletter for Spring 2016

Biology Newsletter for Spring 2016

Welcome to the start of Spring semester! We are excited to have you as a student in the department this term. The faculty and advisors are here to help facilitate your learning and understanding as you make your way through this term. There are several ways to get involved and to get to know your faculty!

Make use of your professors by asking questions in class and participating in office hours. We are here and ready to help! Office hour availability is posted outside each professor’s door. Are you interested in participating in a Directed Independent Study? Get to know your professors and their research to get involved. Check out the faculty webpage at

Summer and Fall registration begins March 28th, so be sure to meet with your advisor early to get your PIN and discuss courses towards your degree. See tips from your advisor below. Arrange a time to meet outside of registration to make a degree plan.

Several new and exciting course opportunities are headed your way for Summer and Fall semesters. Check out some photos below in the newsletter to see what courses were up to this past Fall semester and what’s to come.

Get involved with a student organization; check out a few pages in for departmental student organizations.