Department of Biology

The Department of Biology focuses on areas of modern biology and biotechnology. Our biology department helps students to prepare for employment in industry, government, health professions, and research laboratories, or to pursue advanced degrees in the biological sciences.


The Biology department focuses on the technological breakthroughs in areas such as biochemistry, botany, ecology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, and physiology are being used to solve problems in agriculture, the environment, and medical oriented industries. Preparing students at all levels in the education system to work in the sciences is important to solving future problems and making new discoveries. The Department of Biology focuses on areas of modern biology and biotechnology offering a degree in two specializations: B.S. General Biology and B.A. Biology Teaching. The specializations include a series of seven core courses fundamental to all areas of biology.

Welcome to the start of Fall semester!

Welcome to the start of Fall semester! We are excited to have you as a student in the department. The faculty and advisors are here to help facilitate your learning and understanding as you make your way through this term. There are several ways to get involved and to get to know your faculty!

Make use of your professors by asking questions in class and participating in office hours. We are here and ready to help! Office hour availability is posted outside each professor’s door. Are you interested in participating in a Directed Independent Study? Get to know your professors and their research to get involved. Check out the faculty webpage.


Graduating this Year? Consider Giving to Biology

UWF Class Gift Program

Your class gift of $20.16 or more will give you the opportunity to elect to receive a commemorative medallion to wear at commencement. You can designate your gift to benefit the Biology department!

Make a gift of $20.16 or more online or in Bldg 12 - Please note that you'd like to donate money to the Biology department

You can pick up your medallion in Bldg 12, or from the Alumni table at graduation before the ceremony begins. Please arrive early for pick up. If you are not local, you can request that we mail your medallion to you by e-mailing your information to

Your gift will make an impact on future Biology students.