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Volume 1  |  Issue 3  |  Fall 2011

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Historical endowment fosters
discovery and innovation

The University of West Florida has long been recognized for providing a learning environment where undergraduate students are provided with experiences that are often only reserved for graduate students at other institutions. In recognition of this approach to education, UWF’s School of Science and Engineering received its most
generous gift commitment of $500,000 to date.

Student News

Unmanned Systems
The UWF Unmanned Systems Program has captured the interests of thousands of visitors to the School of Science and Engineering since it opened in January 2010.  Located on the first floor of the building, the lab currently supports an aerial, ground and tour robot team. In addition to sharing their enthusiasm with guests, students are now receiving academic credit for their participation in these teams.  Additionally, they have received invaluable feedback from industry partners who have attended reviews, where students have to present their current projects. In turn, partners provide feedback about ways to improve their engineering projects, presentation skills and how to hone their professional skills, which have led to internships, co-ops and career opportunities.  This year’s reviewers included representatives from the following: Air Force Research Laboratory, BAE Systems, Micro Systems, US Navy, Tektronix and independent contractors. To learn more about the UWF Unmanned Systems Program, please contact Dr. Andreas Fuchs at

Engineering Capstone Projects
Upper level engineering students must complete capstone design projects as part of their final curriculum requirements. Capstone Design II is the second phase of two sequence capstone course in the Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum. In this course students integrate what they have learned in their courses and labs into building and testing an engineering paper-pencil type design completed in Capstone Design I. Students start working on their final projects as soon as they are cleared by the faculty in EGN4410. Students go through critical review for the feasibility of the end-product demonstration and meeting the production specifications including engineering standards and the constraints. Students must describe a set of realistic constraints during the design and implementation of the project such as economical, environmental, social, political, ethical, health, safety, manufacturability, sustainability and social impacts. To learn more about Spring 2011 projects, please visit

Congratulations to Dr. John Coffey who was recently promoted to Full Professor. Whether he is meeting with students, serving as advisor to the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) or riding his bicycle to campus, Dr. Coffey remains one of the most visible and active faculty on campus. Congrats!   

Faculty Profile

Mohamed Khabou has been a UWF engineering faculty member since 2002. His research interests include: Digital Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Network. In describing this area of specialization, Dr. Khabou indicated that his research focuses on trying to emulate how the brain is wired in an effort to duplicate the tools that it uses to recognize and classify patterns. His current projects resulted in a recently published book chapter titled Shape Recognition Based on Eigenvalues of the Laplacian which is part of the Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics Vol167, 1st Edition which was published in July 2011.

Agencies within the defense and security industries are attuned to his research on image processing and pattern recognition techniques for practical applications including automatic detection of vehicles such as tanks in a synthetic aperture radar image. Another application would be something similar to the iPhone app called leafsnap. This free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves. Read More>>>

Giving News

Cox communications supports School of Science and Engineering
Cox Communications has established a new endowment in the University of West Florida’s School of Science and Engineering that will provide support for students who are enrolled in majors within the school.  Recipients will be selected based on their academic achievements and
work in research activities within the Computer Science Department, focused on complex
data visualization. 

Computer Science faculty engage in a variety of research activities in artificial intelligence, computer vision, data warehousing and mining, cloud computer, and software comprehension of large-scale systems and service-oriented architecture composite applications.  The research has resulted in a variety of methods and applications to address technical and practical problems in everyday life. Read More>>>

Annual Fund
Please consider a gift to the UWF Annual Fund. Check out specific ways your support will help the School of Science and Engineering

Calling all Alumni

Don’t be shy!  We’d like to include your news and photos in Classnotes. Help us celebrate your success and send your information to

Upcoming Events

September 9, 2011 - iTEN Wired Summit
UWF School of Science and Engineering is proud to host the spring 2011 summit.  To learn about previous summits, please visit: 

October 29, 2011 - BEST Robotics
UWF will host the fifth BEST Robotics on Saturday, October 29th in the field house.  This year’s theme promises to be very exciting and a little creepy . . . bugs!  A special thanks to AT&T, ASHRAE and Gulf Power for their continued support.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Michelle Lockhart at

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