Nautilus Excellence Awards

This Division for University Advancement is honored to name our 2019 Nautilus Excellence Award winners.

2020 Nautilus Excellence Award Winner

Rick Sivley

Mr. Sivley was instrumental in saving the Trust over $40,000 in a recent project with Publix Charities for the Pensacola Children’s Museum. He continually exceeds expectations in enhancing UWF’s image to the public. He handles large projects with ease and finishes on-time and on budget. He is responsible for preserving 30 historic buildings downtown. Mr. Sivley’s enthusiasm for UWF is contagious.

2020 Marion Viccars Award Winner

Rob Overton Jr.

Mr. Overton’s honorable mentions are many as he provides outstanding mentorship to his employees as well as colleagues. Mr. Overton’s influence is wide as he is responsible for UWF’s representation downtown in high visibility buildings. Rob has been highly successful in bringing in external grants, sponsorships, and donations to enhance the downtown landscape. In addition, Rob is deeply committed to the Pensacola community. He sets himself apart as a member of the American Alliance of Museums, The Florida Association of Museums, The Southeastern Museums Conference, the American Association of State and Local History and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation. These are only a few of the career-related groups. Mr. Overton is fully invested in setting UWF as a top-school.

2019 Milestone Service Awards

Thirty Five Years

John Macdonell

Twenty Years

Joseph Vincenza

Fifteen Years

Patricia “Trish” Allison, Richard “Rick” Sivley

Ten Years

Brett Berg, Adrianne Walker

Five Years

Victoria “Tori” Bennett, Phillip Mayhair

Nautilus Excellence Award Winners
2019 Candice Lane
2018 Dale Riegle
2017 Patricia Barlow, Jacquelyn Wilson
2016 Theresa Clark
2015 Summer Reilly
2014 Margi Baker
2013 Cristy Hardy
2012 Jeffrey Djerlek, Sheyna Marcey
2011 Kenda Hembrough
2010 Germaine (Geri) Battist
2009 Jaimie Woodard
2008 Sara Groh
2007 Ann Deen

For more information about the Nautilus Excellence Awards, visit the Employee Recognition Awards Program page.