Heritage Club

Passing traditions from one generation to another, building bridges from the past to present to future—these are activities for those with vision enough to pave the way into and through the next century. The Heritage Club recognizes those providing future gifts to the university through estate provisions and is appropriate for individuals who desire to ensure the future of UWF through their gifts.

Captain and Mrs. Jerry C. Patee USN (Ret.)

Dr. and Mrs. Antonio Apap

N.S. Bassett

Elizabeth A. Bennett

Dr. Judy Bense

Terry Berling

Ronald N.* and Valmae Besser

Martha Lee and Dave Blodgett

Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Boddy

Timothy and Marguerite Burr

Donald J. Carunchio

John C. Cavanaugh

Jon Cherry

K.C. and Lori Clark

Lacey Collier

Dr. Ray Bennett* and Dr. Linda Dye

Dr. Jane E. Dysart

Candy Caudill Ecsi

Joseph and Margit Ambersley Family Foundation

Hugh Garnett*

C.W. and Marny Gilluly

Barbara Goggins

Charles Darrell Gooden

Bob A. Greenwood

Ann Gricius

Tim and Donna Haag

Lester* and Lee Harris

L. Ray Harry

Calvin Hauffe

William M. Healey

Vaughan Hedrick

Kyle S. Holley

D. Pat Howe

Dr. James R. Harding II

Kevin and Beth Janser

Dr. Bob Kimball

Lucy and Stephen Kozak

John "Fuzzy" Krasowski

James A. Levitt

Mary S. Levitt

Larry* and Ella Manziek

Harold "Hal" Marcus

Constance and Patricia Marse

Jerry L. Maygarden

James R. Morrow, Jr. and Melba Smith Morrow

Kathleen A. O'Donnell

Donald H. Partington

Captain and Mrs Jerry C. Patee, USN (Ret.)

Leta K. Perkins

Robert A. Ray

Capt. Walt Reese, USN (Ret.) and Mary M. Reese

Betty Brewer Roberts

Brenda F. Robinson

Richard M. Rogers

Hynda B. Rome

Stephen I. Rome

Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Karen Rooks

Robert C. Rosasco

Ralph R. Ruyle*

Stanley Schmerken

Michael Gibbons and Lynette Schultz

Joan Marie Seifert

Shimet Family Trust

Gordon and Bette Sprague

John Lamar Switzer, Jr.

Ray and Ellen Thrift

Mark and Adriana Essert (Essert Revokable Trust)

F. Norman and Elizabeth D. Vickers

David L. Walby

Laura J. White

Patricia S. Windham

Mark W. Wise

Joe and Betty* Zimmers

 * indicates deceased

Heritage Club membership is extended to those who have included the University of West Florida in their wills, have established a life-income plan with the University as a beneficiary, have named the University as beneficiary and owner in their life insurance policy, or have made other estate provisions with the University as beneficiary.

Membership in the Heritage Club is a tangible way to let others know of your support to UWF. Donors, however, may also keep their membership confidential if so desired. This recognition gives the university an on-going opportunity to say thank you, either publicly or privately, for these special gifts.

For more information on how to become a member of this prestigious group, contact Robin Zimmern. To notify the University of your intentions, download the Confidential Heritage Club Membership Form and return it by mail today.

UWF & FreeWill
If you have not created a will yet, UWF is now partnering with FreeWill to provide free will-writing services to UWF alumni, supporters and friends. FreeWill makes the process quick and easy. Many alumni and friends decide to leave a gift to UWF in their will, as well. Head to FreeWill and get started today.