Alumni Conference Room Reservations

Want to reserve the Alumni Conference Room (Building 12, Room 150)? You can find our different layouts and instructions on reserving the room here!

Reservation Process

  1. To reserve the Alumni Conference Room, go to your Google Calendar and create a new event by inserting the desired date, meeting time and room (12/150 Alumni Conference Room). Use the 'Rooms, etc.' option next to 'Add' to find the Conference Room. If the Alumni Conference Room is unavailable for desired date/time: process ends here.
  2. To choose an alternate meeting time, select the ‘Find a time’ option located below the manual time box. This will allow you to view the availability of the Alumni Conference Room. Once you have submitted your meeting invite to the Alumni Conference Room for an available time, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. The Alumni Conference Room confirmation email will include information about default room configurations (T-2).
  4. To keep the default room layout, the process ends here.
  5. To change the floor plan (see below), please contact Facilities using the Facilities Work Order Form to set up option that best suits your needs.

Please contact Jocelyn Borek at or (850) 474-2758 with any additional questions.

Table / Floor Plan Options

Alumni Conference Room 12/150 Rules

  1. The Alumni conference room has a capacity of 49 occupants.
  2. Fire compliant exits of the room and building must remain accessible at all times.
  3. The high back chairs cannot be pushed in front of Alumni Conference Room doors or into the hallways, as they are a deterrent to a safe exit from the building. All high back chairs must stay in the Alumni Conference Room and can be pushed to the side walls of the room when not in use.
  4. No folding tables or chairs can be set up in front of the doorways. For a room configuration other than the normal setup, please submit a work order to Facilities requesting one of the approved configurations for the Alumni Conference Room. (See approved diagrams of setup configurations.) If a different configuration is necessary, the setup must be approved by both Facilities and Building 12.
  5. For meetings that occur after 1:00 pm wherein occupants incur excess garbage, participants must dispose of the excess garbage in the blue dumpster located in front of the entrance to Building 11. Custodial personnel are not on duty after 1:00 pm to dispose of excess garbage, which may attract unwanted pests if left in containers overnight.
  6. Any meetings using catering services must use appropriate tableware on conference tables (coasters, tablecloths, placemats, etc.) to elongate the investment in the Alumni Conference Room furniture.
  7. When using the kitchen area for a meeting, it is the responsibility of the meeting occupants (or meeting coordinator) to return the kitchen to its previous state upon adjournment of the meeting.

*Please note, during meetings the Alumni Conference Room doors must remain closed to prevent disturbance of neighboring colleagues.