Minor in Sport and Exercise Psychology

The Minor in Sport and Exercise Psychology provides an opportunity for coursework centered on health and exercise (e.g., health, nutrition and physical fitness) and psychology (e.g., sport and exercise psychology; health psychology) with the option of taking relevant electives from both fields. This minor is available to all students.

This minor is offered by the Department of Psychology in affiliation with the Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science. The minor is primarily designed for those students interested in the psychological aspects of sport and other exercise activities. Completing coursework from sport science and psychology emphasizes the integrated nature of psychomotor performance and its effects on psychological, social, and physical functioning.

21/22 Credit Hour Minor in Sport and Exercise Psychology

The 21/22 semester hour Minor in Sport and Exercise Psychology consists of the following or their equivalent. No directed studies may be taken to fulfill the requirements for the minor.

Required (3 Hrs Each)

  • PSY 2012 General Psychology
  • HLP 2081 Health, Nutrition, & Physical Fitness
  • PET 4213 Success in Sports
  • PET 4251 Sociology of Sport
  • PSY 4832 Sport & Exercise Psychology

Choose One (3 Hrs, or 4 Hrs with lab)

  • APK 3110/L Exercise Physiology/Lab
  • PET 4061 Motor Development & Skill Learning
  • PET 4310/L Mechanics of Human Motion/Lab

Choose One (3 Hrs)

  • CLP 4314 Health Psychology
  • EAB 4704 Introduction to Behavior Modification
  • EXP 4404 Psychology of Learning

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