Certificate in Human Resources FAQs

Why pursue the HR Certificate?

The Human Resources Certificate serves as a signal to employers that you are interested in Human Resources Management as a potential career.  

Having the Human Resources Certificate listed on your UWF transcript shows that you have taken a series of five related classes with an emphasis in human behavior and psychology that are relevant to the workplace.  After you have successfully completed the five classes, you will have developed your knowledge and ability to work with employees in organizations to enhance their potential and productivity. 

The HR Certificate is not designed as a stand-alone program to serve in place of a bachelor’s degree.  Instead, it is designed to complement the majors of students already enrolled in other related UWF undergraduate degree programs.   

Who offers the Certificate?

The Psychology Department offers the HR Certificate.  A faculty member from Psychology with expertise in the area serves as HR Certificate Coordinator (Dr. Sherry Schneider, sschneider@uwf.edu) and Susan Drahos (Psych Department Undergraduate Advisor sdrahos@uwf.edu) serves as both an advisor and administrator of the Certificate.

What classes are required?

The Certificate is composed of four required classes and an elective.  The required classes are:

  • Social Psychology (SOP3004)
  • Industrial Psychology (INP3004)
  • Organizational Behavior (INP3313)
  • Diversity in the Workplace (INP4224)
  • Pre-approved 3-credit upper division (3000-4000) elective related to HR

The first FOUR classes are required.  If you pursue the Certificate, be aware that Organizational Behavior is usually taught only in the Spring Semester, and Diversity in the Workplace is usually only taught in the Fall Semester.   Plan ahead! 

The HR Certificate is designed to go hand-in-hand with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.  If you plan ahead, two of your classes will serve to fill requirements in the degree (Social Psychology and Industrial Psychology), and the remainder may serve as upper-level electives. 

The HR Certificate also goes well with a degree in Communications, Women’s and Gender Studies, or with one of the business school undergraduate degrees.

Contact either the HR Coordinator or the Susan Drahos; we can help you choose your classes to go with your major.

What classes may I take as an elective?

The fifth class is an elective that has to be pre-approved the HR Certificate Coordinator.   

The following psychology electives have been pre-approved:

Positive Psychology (PSY3990), Psychology, Culture and Society (SOP3730), and Human Factors (EXP4250).   Human Resource Management (MAN3301) is also highly recommended. 

How do I get approval for an elective not on the list?

If there is a class you wish to take that is 3000-level or above, you may write the HR coordinator an email with the attached course description and describe how it will improve your knowledge and skills in Human Resources.  If we need more information, we will ask you to send a copy of the syllabus for the class to the HR coordinator.  Your choice will either be approved, or we will ask you to pick another subject with more relevance to HR. 

How do I sign up?

Contact Susan Drahos (the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor) (sdrahos@uwf.edu) to sign up.  Ms. Drahos will help you determine if you have enough credit hours remaining to your degree to complete the program successfully.

When should I sign up?

Sign up as soon as possible once you have completed your general education requirements and have declared a major. 

You must be signed up for the certificate prior to taking your elective, as the elective must be pre-approved by the Certificate Coordinator.   If you are not signed up, the Certificate will not be listed on your transcript. 

What if I sign up and then do not complete the five classes?

There is no penalty if you sign up but do not complete the five classes; the Certificate is simply not listed on your transcript.

How do I get the Certificate on my transcript?

Once you have taken all of the classes, an on-line certificate completion form must be completed in order to get the certificate listed on their transcript.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

HR Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Sherry Schneider (sschneider@uwf.edu) or
Psych Department Undergraduate Advisor Susan Drahos (sdrahos@uwf.edu)