Certificate in Human Resources

The Certificate in Human Resources is designed for Psychology undergraduates who wish to complete a module of psychology courses related to the management of human resources.

Student Requirements

This certificate can be earned by students who are:

  • Majoring or Minoring in Psychology
  • Majoring in other fields such as Management
  • Enrolled as special students (with or without a Bachelor's degree)

Please Note

For Psychology majors or minors, these courses may be included in degree requirements.

Award of the Certificate requires completion of the following courses (15 semester hours) with an average of 2.0 (C) in all work included in the Certificate:

Required Courses

  • INP 3004 Industrial Psychology (3 sh)
  • SOP 3662 Organizational Behavior (3 sh)
  • INP 4224 Psychology of Workforce Diversity (3 sh)
  • SOP 3004 Social Psychology (3 sh)
  • Any upper level undergraduate elective approved by I-O faculty (3 sh)
  • Directed Individual Study or Service Learning (An applied experience in human resources)* (1-3 sh)

In Addition

Membership in the Society for Human Resource Management is strongly encouraged. This organization provides activities, HR magazine and a professional newsletter, opportunities to apply for scholarships, and networking with local professionals in Human Resources. For information on SHRM, please contact Dr. Sherry Schneider (sschneider@uwf.edu) or visit the SHRM website.

Do you have more questions?

Check out our Certificate in Human Resources FAQs for more information.