Undergraduate Opportunities in Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in psychology. While there is overlap between the two degrees, the BS option does offer students with additional research training which is may be desirable for those interested in applying to graduate or professional school.

Why Major in Psychology?

  • Develop important skills valued by employers and graduate programs such as:
    • Using critical thinking and other problem-solving skills to address questions of interest
    • Communicating effectively both orally and through writing
    • Working productively and collaboratively with others
    • Having the ability to complete projects that require planning and time management
    • Acting with integrity in all that you do
  • Obtain “hands on” experiences in and outside of the classroom through high impact experiences we offer
    • Work with faculty in their research labs
    • Make your own contributions to psychological science through undergraduate research
  • Have curricular flexibility to pursue areas of interest related to your career goals including pursuing other minors and certificates.

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Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
Other Undergraduate Opportunities in Psychology
  • Certificate in Human Resources
    • The Certificate in Human Resources is designed for Psychology undergraduates who wish to complete a module of psychology courses related to the management of human resources.
    • This certificate can be earned by students who are:
      • Majoring or Minoring in Psychology
      • NOTE: These courses may be included in degree requirement
      • Majoring in other fields such as Management
      • Enrolled as special students (with or without a Bachelor's degree)
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Minor in Psychology

Psychology is relevant to many other disciplines and students majoring in other areas find it beneficial to earn a minor in psychology while working toward their baccalaureate degree.

Minor in Sports and Exercise Psychology

The minor in Sports and Exercise Psychology is primarily designed for those students interested in the psychological aspects of sport and other exercise activities. The emphasis is on the integrated nature of psychomotor performance and its effects on psychological, social, and physical functioning.