Undergraduate Minor in Health Promotion

A Minor in Health Promotion is available to undergraduates and is composed of 12 additional semester hours in approved coursework that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention in community settings.

Health Promotion

Students earning the Minor in Health Promotion will be able to assess individual and community/worksite needs for health promotion, develop analytical skills to examine needs assessment data and determine priority area(s) of health promotion.  They will also be able to compare and contrast health promotion program planning models and theories for application in a health promotion and wellness setting, and plan and implement effective health promotion programs. Health Promotion majors may not earn this minor.

HSC 4581 Health Promotion and Planning 3
HSC 3032 Foundations in Health Education 3
Choose two of the following Health Foundations courses: 6
Theoretical Foundations of Health Promotion and Planning  
Health Aspects of Human Sexuality  
Drugs in Society  
Communicable and Degenerative Diseases  
Health Aspects of Stress Management  
Human Environmental Health  
Current Issues in Health Promotion  
Changing Health Behaviors  
Nutrition and Health  
Total Hours 12