Physical Education and Human Performance Master's Specialization (M.S.)

The Master's Specialization in Physical Education and Human Performance is perfect for students interested in wellness, personal training, coaching, or being a health and fitness educator. This is a rapidly growing field and graduates are in high demand. The "Argo Advantage" lies not only in the quality of our offerings, but also in the strength of our highly ranked programs, personal attention, and hands-on experience you receive at UWF.

The Master of Science degree in Physical Education and Human Performance is an advanced educational program that can be complete in various formats, including completely online.  This program is concentrated on leadership of individuals in areas of physical activity, physical education, sport, fitness, wellness, and health. Each of these areas requires leaders who successfully and effectively plan, motivate, communicate, explain, connect, demonstrate, and reflect. What do these professional behaviors have in common? They are all part of pedagogy, an educational term that applies physical human performance.  Pedagogy helps us fully understand how strategies, decisions, judgments, and actions impact individual performance.

Student assisting a senior with exercises

Top 5 Reasons to be a Physical Education Human Performance major:

  1. Job opportunities in fast growing market
  2. Student-focused instructors
  3. Quality guidance for project in lieu of thesis
  4. Individualized course assignments
  5. Learning experiences that are action based

The Physical Education and Human Performance degree at the University of West Florida Usha Kundu, MD College of Health provides students with the advanced knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to be leaders in the fitness and sport community

Program Overview
      • Though most of the course titles refer to physical activity, instructors focus on an individualized instruction model.
      • In other words, students will be allowed to shape course requirements and assignments around their interests or potential profession.
      • Professionals interested in enhancing teaching skills?  Your coursework might revolve around curriculum, units, and lessons
      • Current or future coaches?  You can align your coursework to season goals, sport-specific skill, and practices
      • Focused on fitness, training, and health professional professions?  You may address trainee/client prescription, instruction, and assessment.
      • The culminating activity in this program is a Project in Lieu of Thesis (PILOT) as opposed to a thesis or internship.  The PILOT is a project or activity that makes a significant contribution to the field(s) associated with this major and your interest area. 
      • There is no set format for a PILOT and the work will be determined by the nature of the topic and the guidance of the project chairperson.  Students will work toward PILOT completion over two semesters.

Graduates will be able to pursue careers in, but not limited to:

      • Sport/fitness coaching within school, community, and recreational settings
      • Coaching/recreational leadership at college or university setting
      • Instructor/lecturer/professor at college or university settings
      • Sport performance enhancement
      • Physical activity programs in public, private, and military sectors
      • Fitness director/consultant/instructor/specialist
      • Corporate and other worksite wellness settings

Please contact the PEHP Program Director by email if you have any questions about this program.

Christopher Wirth, Ph.D.Program Director

John Todorovich, Ph.D.



Sample Course Offerings

      • Physical Activity Program Development 
      • Analysis and Supervision in Sport and Physical Activity
      • Teaching and Motivation for Physical Activity Leaders
      • Systematic Observation in Sport and Physical Activity
      • Professional Issues in Physical Activity Disciplines
      • Analysis of Research in Physical Activity Disciplines 
      • Current Issues Worksite Wellness 

See the Physical Education and Human Performance Requirements in the Course Catalog 

Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Students should complete the Graduate Assistant Application found in Forms and Information and submit to the program director via email.

Graduate Assistants will be selected based on interests, education background, and work experiences as reflected in resume.

Opportunities for funding may include matriculation waivers that cover course fees and assignment to a faculty member for hourly work as an assistant.

Graduate Assistant positions may include work as a teaching assistant, research assistant, and other activities depending upon need, educational history, and expertise.

Forms and Information