Electronic Research Administration

Grants.gov allows organizations to electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all federal grant-making agencies. Grants.gov is the single access point for grant programs offered by federal grant-making agencies. Grants.gov applications are submitted by a registered, authorized RSP Grants Specialist. The standard forms will be completed online, specific proposal sections such as abstract, narrative, references, biographical sketches will be uploaded, and the saved document will be downloaded, printed, and provided to the PI for final review and approval prior to submission. Proposals must be received and validated through Grants.gov prior to access by the agency. This validation may take 2-3 days. Proposals must be submitted 3-5 business days prior to the deadline date to allow for the process.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Electronic Research Administration (eRA) Commons

PIs submitting proposals to NIH must have an active eRA Commons registration (contact your RSP Grants Specialist). In addition to the Grants.gov application, NIH submittals also require a validation of the proposal in the eRA Commons system. This validation must be performed to check for errors or warnings affecting the proposal’s advancement for review. Errors must be corrected and the proposal resubmitted through Grants.gov and pass validation prior to the deadline date. Warnings may be corrected and the proposal resubmitted. Proposals must be submitted 5 business days prior to the deadline date to allow for the process. Contact your RSP Grants Specialist for assistance.

National Science Foundation (NSF) FastLane

You must be registered in NSF's FastLane if you plan to submit a proposal to NSF. Once registered, PIs will use FastLane to prepare proposals for submittal, check the status of their proposal review, and submit project reports. All proposals must be assigned to the sponsored research officers with full access to view, edit, and submit in order for proposals to be processed. Proposals will not be submitted until the PI or a designated representative has approved the final documents.

Other Electronic Submissions

Other sponsors may accept submissions only from the individual who opens or establishes a proposal in the electronic system. Unless it is prohibited by agency regulations, this individual will be the RSP Grants Specialist. Once a proposal is opened, the PI may upload, edit, view, and enter information in the system as required for electronic submission. Once the proposal is finalized and RSP has received the appropriate IRF and any required supplemental forms, the RSP Grants Specialist will electronically transmit the proposal to the agency.

If the agency guidelines require electronic submission by the PI, all documents should be forwarded to RSP for review and final submission should not be processed until authorized by the RSP Grants Specialist. Copies of all electronic acknowledgements or correspondence should be forwarded to the RSP Grants Specialist.