MECP Program

The Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program is 3 years, with the 1st year to complete pre-requisites followed by 2 years of upper division nursing program.

On June 3rd, the AY2020 MECP cycle NAVADMIN 123/19 was released.  In order to accommodate the September 13 deadline for sailors to have their packages to the Navy MECP selection board, the following dates are in effect:

 June 03, 2019 – Navy MECP NAVADMIN Solicitation Message released

June 17m 2919 – UWF begins accepting mail-in packages for reserved MECP seats in the Nursing Program

                           (Those selected will receive an acceptance letter and degree plan to include in their Navy package)

July 26, 2019 – UWF no longer accepting packages

July 26, 2019 – Deadline to be accepted to the University of West Florida pre-licensure BSN program

Week of July 29, 2019 -  UWF Selection Committee meets and selectees notified

Week of August 05, 2019 – Acceptance letters delivered to applicants for their Navy board submission

September 13, 2019 – Deadline for packages to the Navy MECP Selection Board

October 4, 2019 – Deadline for submitting missing documents to the Navy MECP Selection Board

TBD – Navy MECP Selection Board Convenes

 Application Packet

FY-20 MECP Supplemental BSN Application

Core Performance Functions

TEAS Registration Form-Completing at UWF

TEAS Testing - Other Locations

Hepatitis B Immunization Form

Sample Volunteer Letter


All students entering the upper division BSN program must:

  • Complete 62 credit hours prior to the start of the nursing program.  Applicants have till the end of the Spring semester 2020 to complete all final requirements.  For courses taken at another college/university in Spring 2019, those transcripts must be on file with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by May 23, 2020.
  • Completion of two years High School foreign language or two semesters of the same language at the college level prior to admission to UWF Nursing Program.
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 is required for consideration for acceptance into the upper division nursing program.

Completion of all statewide common course prerequisite courses with grade of "C" or better by May 8, 2020 for admission to upper division nursing program for Fall 2020.

  • BSC 1085/L Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (4 sh)
  • BSC 1086/L Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (4 sh)
  • DEP 2004 Human Development Across the Life Span (3 sh)
  • HSC 2577 Principles of Nutrition (3 sh)
  • MCB 1000/L Fundamentals of Microbiology with Lab (4 sh)
  • STA 2023 Elements of Statistics (3 sh)
  • Choose One: CHMxxxx, BCHxxxx, PCBxxxx, PHYxxxx, or BSCxxxx (3 sh)
  • Choose One: PSYxxxx, SOPxxxx, or SYGxxxx (3 sh)

Upper division nursing core courses, Students must earn a grade of "C" or better to progress:

Semester I

  • Patient Centered Care I
  • Patient Centered Care I Lab
  • Intro to Pharmacology
  • Health Assessment
  • Achieving Professionalism I

Semester II

  • Patient Centered Care II
  • Patient Centered Care II Lab
  • Mental Health Nursing Care
  • Mental Health Nursing Care Lab
  • Health Care Informatics
  • Achieving Professionalism II

Semester III

  • Patient Centered Care III
  • Patient Centered Care III Lab
  • Patient Centered Care of Families
  • Patient Centered Care of Families Lab
  • Evidence in Professional Nursing Practice
  • Semester IV
  • Patient Centered Care IV
  • Patient Centered Care IV Lab
  • Family & Community Health Nursing
  • Community Nursing Lab
  • Nursing Management & Leadership

Additional consideration may be given in the selection process if the applicant has completed any or all of the following recommended, elective courses by February 3, 2020:

  • Pathophysiology (HSC 3555)
  • Medical Terminology (HSC 3535)
  • If both Psychology (PSY 2012) and Sociology (SYG 2000)