Manufacturer Success Story: Technical Services Laboratory

Market and Opportunity Assessment Leads to New Growth

Company Profile: Technical Services Laboratory (TSL) is a family-owned, 12-employee firm located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. TSL is a global one-source supplier for electronic and mechanical needs, operating as a turnkey solution from product engineering concepts to final creation. Alfred Corbin founded TSL in 1971, and current president Andy Corbin has led the company since 1989.

Situation: From its inception to present day, TSL has innovated its business model for growth with military supply chain job orders; however, TSL’s owners understood they needed new revenue streams to encourage growth.

Solution: When TSL joined the Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council in 2017, Andy took advantage of the CoreValue Assessment to unlock potential business gaps and analyze other possible revenue sources. The local FloridaMakes Business Advisor researched TSL’s business market, generated an in-depth growth plan, and compiled a list of other regional manufacturers that could provide additional revenue stream opportunities. With help from the FloridaMakes Business Advisor and the NWFMC, Andy utilized the growth plan, networked, and garnered additional business and revenue by creating profitable and sustainable business relationships.


  • $1,300,000 in new sales
  • $400,000 in retained sales
  • 5 increased and/or retained jobs
  • $40,000 in new investments
  • $10,000 in training

As a multi-generation, family-owned business, TSL is proud of its legacy and successes. Over the past 42 years, TSL has been an innovator in microwave amplifier development, power distribution, weather instrumentation, and digital switching systems. TSL customers have included the U.S. Government, L-3, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, and BAE Systems.

Testimonial: “TSL still needed to find other streams of reliable revenue. University of West Florida’s FloridaMakes Business Advisors completed a CoreValue Assessment and developed a growth plan that is working to grow our business,” said Andy Corbin, President of TSL.