Manufacturing Success Story: Honeycomb Aircraft Repair Center

Business Development & Vendor Partnership

Company Profile: Honeycomb Aircraft Repair Center, LLC (HARC) is recognized as a leader in the repair and overhaul of bonded metal-to-metal, metal-to-honeycomb, and honeycomb to epoxy-composite assemblies for commercial and military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. HARC’s expertise is in the repair and re-manufacture of flaps, leading and trailing edges, rudders, stabilizers, ailerons, control surfaces, metal-to-metal bonded fuselage sections, skins, wing tips, strut doors, main landing gear doors, floor boards, and other aero structure assemblies. HARC are registered in SAM as a total small business, and is ITAR registered. HARC is certified in AS9100:2009, Rev. C; AS9110:2012, Rev. B; and ISO 9001:2008. HARC is an FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

Situation: Honeycomb Aircraft Repair, located in Cantonment, FL, is new to the area and a new member of The Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council. The company is in the process of establishing their local business connections. The company has plans to develop a robust repair center in Northwest Florida and needs to locate vendors who will supply parts and services to support their local growth. One area of need is fabrication of tooling jigs used for holding aircraft parts during repair

Solution: The University of West Florida/FloridaMakes Business Advisor at the Northwest Florida Manufacturers Council worked with Honeycomb to identify an experienced tooling and fabrication supplier who was willing and qualified to quote, build and deliver quality jigs on a timely basis. The FloridaMakes Business Advisor set up meetings between Honeycomb and a qualified metal fabrication company (Gulf Tool, Inc). Gulf Tool, also a new member of NWFMC, successfully built the first in a series of jigs and will continue to work with Honeycomb as they expand their operations.

Testimonial: “Honeycomb Aircraft Repair Center is relatively new to the area having started manufacturing operations at our Cantonment facility in 2017. We had been searching for reliable, high quality vendors for machined and formed components for the products that we build. University of West Florida/FloridaMakes Business Advisor John Davis reached out to us and offered services that included making connections to qualified local vendors to fulfill our needs. The services provided are a win-win for Northwest Florida businesses in that it helps our company and our vendors build revenue and create jobs. We encourage other local businesses to join the coalition to provide a network where we all can benefit.” – Mike Petkauskos, General Manager, Honeycomb Aircraft Repair Center