Manufacturing Success Story: Jupiter Bach

Company Profile: Jupiter Bach is a leader in composite manufacturing and assembly of nacelle and spinner covers for the wind industry.

Situation: In an effort to continually improve the skills of its workforce and to provide the safest working environment possible, Jupiter Bach Pensacola was looking for site-specific training for its employees that focused on hazardous materials and emergency response. 

Solution: Working with their local FloridaMakes business advisor, Jupiter Bach received a site hazard assessment and 24-hour hazardous material training that focused specifically on the site emergency response plans and the chemicals used in the manufacturing processes.  Three potential experts in hazardous materials and emergency response were identified by the FloridaMakes business advisor.   Through an interview process of the three individual experts, Jupiter Bach selected who they felt best met their needs.  The onsite assessment and training provided Jupiter Bach employees with the knowledge and instruction that has helped them refine and improve their onsite chemical process procedures and emergency response plan.   

Testimonial: We were very pleased with the proactive approach FloridaMakes took finding optimal solution for our training need. They were very involved in each step of the process from start to finish. The specific trainer selected for this initiate was phenomenal which is largely credited to the well managed selection process. We are excited to have this partnership with FloridaMakes and look forward to working together on more projects like this one.