Manufacturing Success Story: Gexpro Services

Lean Thinking Paves the Way to Reduce Order Timelines

Company: Profile Gexpro Services is a world-class supply chain services outsource provider, specializing in developing and managing production inventory management programs. Their managed inventory programs are designed to support original equipment manufacturers with their engineered production material specifications, fulfillment processes, and quality requirements. Gexpro’s engineering and commodity expertise includes complex manufacturing processes and materials, such as electrical, panel design and assembly, machine and fabricated assemblies, and valve and instrumentation design. Additionally, they support high-volume commodities such as gaskets, seals, O-rings, fasteners, and fittings. Their programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of OEM clients and focus on continuous improvement of profitability and competitiveness.

Situation: Due to the computerized ordering processes, orders input into the system on Tuesday afternoons were not reaching their overseas customers until Monday morning of the following week.

Solution: Gexpro sent three key employees to a Certified Lean Practitioner course sponsored by the Technology Coast Manufacturing and Engineering Network and the University of West Florida, in partnership with FloridaMakes. During the course, employees learned how to analyze routine operations and define how each step of the process affects the overall production timeline. By dissecting and analyzing the steps of the ordering process, employees discovered that placing orders in the system a few hours earlier in the day resulted in their European and Asian customers receiving the orders almost a full week sooner.

Testimonial: “Competitive lead times are frequently as important as pricing. Saving almost a week improves on time delivery, which helps enforce our image as a reliable supply chain solution,” said Christina Rogers, Project Manager at Gexpro Pensacola.