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COVID-19: UWF 3D Lab Provides Face Shields for Healthcare Workers

The University of West Florida’s Sea3D Additive Manufacturing Laboratory manufactures, manages and distributes 3D-printed full face shield supplies free of charge.

COVID-19: Florida Scorecard

This portion of the Florida Scorecard displays the number of COVID-19 cases, weekly percentage of positive cases, days since the first convirmed COVID-19 case and weekly initial unemployment claims in the 10-county West Florida region.

COVID-19: Travel and Spending Survey Results

The Haas Center conducted a survey on travel and spending in Florida during the pandemic. Here are the results: COVID 19 Travel and Spending Survey Results

COVID-19: Essential Businesses and Workers

The Haas Center provides the number of occupations by industry groups considered essential in Northwest Florida

Haas Center’s Mission: We support communities with market research, workforce development, and industrial innovation.

We’re known for the breadth and depth of our data resources and have been for 25 years. We provide textured, meaningful analysis to an array of customers from the public and non-profit sectors to private industry, including manufacturing. Immersive public laboratories, like Sea3D in Pensacola’s Historic District, showcase what is possible when creative minds intersect with business and workforce partners.

Our market research covers a variety of topics, including economic impact studies, consumer and visitor profiles, as well as research on talent gaps. Our researchers and performance advisors collaborate to bring objective and reliable information to all customers. 

The team is relaunching the Northwest Florida Economy. The publication will track quarterly information on real estate, hospitality, productivity, freight, and transportation.

The UWF Office of Economic Development and Engagement (OEDE) is a research center that supports our region by providing expertise to inform public policy and give business and community leaders the data they need to make sound decisions. Professionals at OEDE use economic data, market analytics, workforce information, and industry research to support our regional industry and government partners. Our research covers a variety of topics, including economic impact studies, consumer and visitor profiles, as well as research on talent gaps. Our analysts collaborate to bring objective and reliable information to our clients and community leaders. OEDE’s visual reports help nonprofits, municipalities, and businesses make informed decisions. Our experts conduct research and share valuable information to the public on bed tax collections, airport traffic, retail sales, employment, and disaster impacts. 

Below are a few examples of common research projects OEDE conducts for our region:

Education Data Dashboard – OEDE developed and maintains a data dashboard of how Escambia County students compare across the state. Achieve Escambia is a county-wide partnership of local leaders that work together to make data driven decisions to help bolster employment and eradicate poverty. The OEDE dash board is used to inform these senior leaders on their cradle-to-career initiative.

Election Survey - OEDE conducted a study on voter satisfaction for the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections. Researchers studied Escambia County’s primary and general elections, assessed the ease and efficiency of the voting process and the voters’ knowledge of voting options, locations and other general election information. The results will be used to provide an even better voter experience in Escambia County.

Workforce Housing Demand - At the request of Walton county officials, OEDE conducted researched to assess the demand for and cost of workforce housing in Walton County. This information gave Walton County vital information to better plan for future growth and meet the needs for affordable housing.

Healthcare Needs Study - OEDE conducted an economic impact study of a new Healthcare facility in Northwest Florida. OEDE staff researched and provided a report on best locations for the construction of a new facility and the impact of investing in an existing facility. This study allowed decision makers to make an informed choice about the future of their healthcare facility.

Homelessness Assessment - OEDE was asked by Opening Doors Northwest Florida (formerly EscaRosa Coalition on the Homeless) to assess the current state of homelessness in their two-county service area. This study was designed to measure the cost of all homelessness services in the area to allow them to make the case that they could provide more efficient and cost-effective assistance to the homeless population through a coordinated continuum of care.

Hurricane Michael Impacts - Researchers at OEDE are documenting the recovery of small businesses across Northwest Florida after Hurricane Michael. Information is being gathered on the recovery and OEDE is producing infographics to inform the public of the economic impacts of regional recovery.

Golf Course Impact on Residential Property Values - OEDE is currently conducting a study of property values of homes in a golf community. The analysis will help guide the understanding of a “golf course premium” attached to property values, how long it lasts, and what happens to values when the golf course ceases to exist. 

Haas Center 25th Anniversary Retrospective

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