Florida Makes Video Transcript

As a manufacturer, you know that running a business can be challenging. There are lots of things you need, or want, to improve your business. But, sometimes it’s hard to know WHAT you need to do to get there

I want more:                                        

  • Customers
  • Markets
  • Profit

I need:

  • Information
  • More Sales
  • Specialized Training

How do I . . . ?

  • Grow?
  • Export?
  • Stay competitive?
  • Find the right resources?


The answer?  Contact FloridaMakes, a service created BY manufacturers FOR manufacturers.  FloridaMakes is local, right here in your backyard, and available through the existing regional manufacturing associations.

Florida is home to about 19,000 manufacturing companies, and are an important contributor to our economy.  We want your company to be successful.  For you, that means growth and profitability. For Florida, it’s high paying jobs for our kids and a higher standard of living for our families.

How can we work together?  That begins by you telling us about your company and where you want to go and how you want to grow.  Our free assessment tool will help you do that.  You might also have a specific question you want help with.  One of our expert business advisors will meet with you to understand your business and your plans for growth.


Maybe you’re a family-owned business that’s been making the same great product for three generations, but sales are slowing down.  And you’re wondering:

  • Is there a way to freshen our product to generate new interest?
  • Are there after-markets or international markets that could open the door to new sales for our existing product?
  • Are there other products we could make with our core competencies?

Or, maybe you’re a knowledge-driven company, with specialized in-house engineering or machines, and you’re wondering:

  • What other sectors might need our expertise?
  • What’s the next level of skills or technology needed to take our company to the next level?
  • How can I capitalize on our high end machines and engineering to maximize profits?

Whatever the situation, whatever your questions may be, we’ll help you get answers. Your FloridaMakes business advisor will help you create a plan that’s not too big, not too small, but just right for your company.

Then, we’ll get things rolling to expand your market opportunities, help you better use existing public and private resources, and adopt the best practices, technologies, and training.

Just imagine the possibilities !! --   

  • your customers notice improvements and sales skyrocket;
  • With more sales, you give your employees a raise – and need to hire more people;
  • You move your operations into a bigger facility;
  • Your Board gives you a bonus and tells you to “keep up the good work.”
  • Your family notices you smiling and whistling more;
  • The Mayor gives you the Keys to the City and names you Employer of the Decade!

So, what are you waiting for?  Call FloridaMakes at 1-844-289-6680* today, or go to floridamakes.com and get connected to a whole new world of resources, ideas and possibilities.