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This program provides students the ability to analyze gender through a variety of perspectives and disciplines, and learn how gender roles have influenced cultural, social, political and economic systems.

Why Study Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at UWF?

Our interdisciplinary humanities program will give you a strong foundation in critical thinking and analysis as well as the practical knowledge of gender and sexual politics in professional and social environments.

At UWF, our program will cultivate your professional skills and put theory into practice both inside and outside the classroom with participation in co-curricular events and activities.

The degree combines an approved minor or double major to enhance your understanding of how gender operates in real-world environments through cutting-edge curriculum relevant to the needs of employers.

What You Will Learn

The Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies program will provide you with a critical and creative approach to gender and sexual politics. You will raise questions, create new knowledge and solve problems though an exploration of the significance of gender in all areas of life, examining the social formation of human identities, practices and institutions.

Our program promotes excellence in education, personal growth, civic awareness and offers unique learning experiences. Students explore the complex interactions between gender, race, class, ethnicity and sexuality, as well as norms and structures.

You will develop the knowledge and skills to pursue a wide array of careers in politics, community relations, education, law, recreation, health and medicine, social work, counseling, business and finance.

A minor in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies is a perfect supplement to any major, allowing an understanding of the complex issues around gender and sexuality.

Careers & Outcomes

Women’s, gender and sexuality graduates work in the nonprofit, public, entrepreneurial and for-profit sectors. Below are common job titles for graduates, as well as examples of where our alumni work.

Job Titles

  • Journalist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Consultant
  • Social Worker
  • Public Health Educator
  • Teacher
  • Public Relations
  • Lawyer
  • Counselor
  • Researcher


  • University of Florida
  • Strive
  • Gulf Coast Kid's House
  • Escambia County School District
  • University of Central Florida Medical School
  • Independent author
  • Sunday's Child

Featured Courses

A sample of featured courses you will take in the Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies program.

Additional Information

Women's Studies Collective

The Women's Studies Collective promotes critical conversation and innovative ideas surrounding women’s issues.

Feminist Spaces Journal

Feminist Spaces is an online, interdisciplinary student journal that invites students, faculty and independent scholars from institutions worldwide to submit formal essays as well as multimodal/artistic pieces per our biannual Call for Papers/Works.

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