Cross Cultural Competency

About the Course

Cross-Cultural Competency was a free, open online course developed by the UWF Innovation Institute in partnership with Dr. Kim Le Duff, UWF’s Chief Diversity Officer and VP of Academic Engagement. The course was structured around the concepts of Awareness, Acceptance, and Respect and included five modules

  • Overview
  • Global Village
  • disABILITY
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Religious Diversity

The course took an innovative conversational approach to sometimes sensitive subjects to help participants understand and respect one another as well as be able to function in diverse environments encountered in the workplace, in the classroom, or in social settings.

Cross-Cultural Competency is closed. We would like to thank all our participants and supporters for making this MOOC such a success!




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This course, even though not a main or required course for my major, was one of the most informative and useful courses I have taken. It not only spoke about the topics that people generally shy away from, but it showed us how to do it in a comfortable and confident way. I believe every student should be taking this course, as these topics need to be engaged in and talked about.

2021 MOOC Participant

I really liked the Awareness, Acceptance, and Respect breakdown of the issues, because you have to take steps towards becoming more accepting of diversity, it doesn't happen all at once. It is a process, and I think this course highlighted that.

2021 MOOC Participant

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