Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase

The Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase features scholarly and creative works produced through collaboration between UWF students and faculty.


Thursday, April 19th, 2018

University Commons Building, Bldg. 22

9:oo AM - 3:30PM


OUR invites the campus community and all members of our off-campus community to attend the 2018 Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase. With each year we strive to have as much diversity in our presentations as possible. Engaging students across all disciplines is our goal and every year we expand our representation in all fields of study here at UWF.

 The University of West Florida's Student Scholars Symposium & Faculty Research Showcase brings together undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty to showcase their research, scholarly, and creative activities over the last year through research poster presentations and 3-minute oral presentations. Students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral) and faculty are invited to present their research & creative projects at the UWF Symposium. 

With over a 1000 attendees at the 2017 symposium and still growing!



Get Involved

The Office of Undergraduate Research is constantly spreading the awareness of the many programs that we offer that can connect you with a faculty mentor, get you involved with research, and will help open your mind to cross-discipline communication. OUR encourages all of the UWF undergraduates to get involved in research in some form before entering in to your graduate work. The experience serves to be invaluable, and the possibilities that we will help you see are endless. Explore the OUR programs today and decide if there are any programs that you would like to get involved with.

All students that are being supported by OUR in any program that OUR houses will be required to present at the annual Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase. If you have any questions regarding this requirement or if you have any questions about the many programs we offer the UWF undergraduate population, please do not hesitate ask.  



 About the 2017 Student Scholar Symposium: 


  New for 2017:

-3 minute oral presentation option 

-New venue

-Option for faculty request for additional presentation format

-Over 1000 student authors and co-authors


Contact OUR via email at or you can call the main office number 850-474-2298 


Submit an Abstract

All students (graduate and undergraduate) and faculty wishing to share their work with the greater academic community are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration for the Student Scholar Symposium. Abstracts must be 250 words or less.

SUBMIT- Open Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Get Ready for the Event

Presenting your work at the Student Scholar Symposium? Find templates and examples of past presentations to help you prepare, and read the frequently asked questions about the event.


Are you attending?

All students planning on presenting at the Student Scholar Symposium will need to Register for the conference. Registration and Submission are two separate processes. For more information please click below.

REGISTER- Opens Thursday, February 1st, 2018
Symposium Abstract Submission

Abstracts for the 2018 Student Scholar Symposium and Faculty Showcase will be able to be submitted starting January 2018.

Abstract submissions are to be completed online. Incomplete submissions cannot be saved and visited at a later time. OUR recommends having all information prepared prior to initiating the submission process. Applicants will need the following information to successfully complete an abstract submission: 

  • All co-author information (name, e-mail, and t-shirt size) 
  • Faculty mentor information(name, department, e-mail, and t-shirt size) 
  • Abstract (250 word maximum)

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