Freshmen Committee

The Freshmen Committee is comprised of up to thirty first year students and its main purpose is to allow incoming students the opportunity to become involved in Student Government and to learn the processes by which the student senate operates.

The Freshmen Committee is tasked with a number of special event projects throughout the year and get the opportunity to learn about inner workings of Student Government.

Nuriel Miller - Chair Mya Clark Paula Hough Tuner Mitchell Sultana Pohlmann
Matthew Arnold Tori Contreas Max Ifrah Virgnia Morrison Aleigh Rowe
Madison Atchley Corey Delvalled Kit Lamungkun Cassidy Miller Ana Simic
Darren Buono Marlena Griego Samantha Lubowiecki Olivia Naturale Thanh Tran
Andrew Carless Megan Gulsby Brian Miller Jordan Negron Will Watson