Procedure for Substitutions and Modifications of Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities

This page describes the procedure students should use to initiate course substitution/modification requests. It also details the procedure that SAR and the appropriate committee will follow during the review process.

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The university can provide reasonable substitution or modification for graduation requirements for any eligible student with a disability. Appropriate documentation must be provided to indicate that the student's failure to meet the requirement is related to the disability so long as the accommodation does not constitute a fundamental alteration in the nature of the academic program. A student requesting an academic accommodation or adjustment such as a course substitution or modification of an undergraduate graduation requirement based on a disability must register with the SAR.

Student Responsibilities

  • Register with theStudent Accessibility Resources (SAR)
    • A student requesting an academic accommodation/adjustment such as a course substitution or modification of a graduation requirement based on a disability must register with the SAR. To properly register with the SAR, the student must:
    • For complete registration information, please visit the SAR Registration web page.
  • Submit a Request for Course Substitution/Modification Form
    • The student must submit the SAR Substitution/Modification Request Form with appropriate documentation of a disability demonstrating the student’s inability to meet the requirement based upon the disability. This form initiates a course substitution review process.

Student Accessibility Resources Responsibilities

  • SAR will meet with the student to review the Substitution/Modification Request Form, medical documentation, academic history, and records of accommodations and support used in prior attempts to meet the requirement(s).
  • The SAR Assistant Director or Director will sign the Substitution/Modification Request Form and provide a letter either supporting or not supporting the requested accommodation to the appropriate committee for review.
  • The student can appeal the SAR’s denial of support by submitting an appeal letter to the Director within ten (10) business days of the denial.

General Studies Committee, Other Appropriate Committee, or Department Chair Responsibilities

  • Review the Substitution/Modification Request Form and letter from SAR.
  • Make a final decision on whether or not the student’s Request for Course Substitution/Modification will be approved or denied.
  • Notify the Registrar’s Office of the final decision if approved.
  • The student has the right to appeal the committee's decision to the appropriate College Dean who has oversight of the student's program of study.

NOTE: The University of West Florida cannot guarantee that substitutions granted will be honored at any other college or university either for general admission, graduation requirements, transfer admission, or admission into a specific degree program. Furthermore, the University does not automatically honor course substitutions granted by other colleges or universities. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the college or university to request information on the degree program requirements.


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