Residency Reclassification Appeals

Students who are denied the classification of Florida resident for tuition purposes have the right of appeal. The appeal must be based upon new information that was not made available during the Request for Reclassification. Students must submit the Residency Appeal Form along with additional supporting documentation as soon as possible after receipt of the reclassification decision (i.e. a denial of residency reclassification) and no later than the end of the term for which Florida residency for tuition purposes is desired. The Committee will review all information and documentation submitted with the Appeal, as well as previously submitted documents and related information in the student's academic record.

Additional information regarding reclassification criteria may be found in the Residency Reclassification form.  Not submitted supportive documentation or new information will delay your review. If you have not done the Request for Reclassification, please refer to that process first before submitting an appeal. The Reclassification of Appeal process implies you have been denied in the first reclassification request. 

The Residency Appeals Committee is designated to review residency decisions - not the reclassification process nor associated deadlines. These areas of the Residency Reclassification review may not be appealed.  All appeals will be reviewed by the Residency Appeal Committee, students will be notified of the committee decision in writing and all Committee decisions are considered final.

The Residency Appeals Committee meets as needed, but no more than once per month during the semester.

Appeals should be submitted as follows:

University Residency Appeals Committee
c/o University Registrar
Building 18, Room 102
11000 University Parkway
Pensacola, FL 32514-5750